eSafety – Spring Term 2018

This week, the children have been involved in eSafety sessions.

Firstly, thank you to all of the parents who attended these sessions. It is important that the children are aware of these issues and seeing parents at these sessions, makes it clear that the messages we give at school are also being talked about at home.

They have been reminded of the importance to stay safe online and to tell our trusted adults if we see or hear anything online that upsets us or anything that makes us feel sad, angry or worried.

I therefore have some further information for you regarding this important issue. Safer Internet Advice to Parents. This information helps parents with what to do if your child sees something upsetting online.

It has been made explicitly clear to the children that if they are unsure about anything, or worried, scared, lonely or upset, they should tell one of their trusted adults at home or school to try to help them out. I hope the information above and the links which are included in that post are useful in dealing with the sometimes difficult conversations that can come up if children do see or hear anything which they shouldn’t, online.

Below, you will find links to the quiz which was used in the sessions, along with the answers to these questions. I hope you find these useful. The children should know the answers, as they have been more fully explained during the eSafety sessions.

Mr H’s eSafety Quiz                  Mr H’s eSafety Quiz with Answers

If you have any questions or queries relating to the eSafety sessions which have taken place this week, please do not hesitate to find Mr Higginbotham around school.

Thank you.

Diary entries, money and designers!

This week team four have been very busy!

In English the children have been using all the information they have found out about the great fire of London to write diary entries. The children took on the role of a person that was at the great fire of London and talked about what they saw, how they felt and described how they escaped the fire.

In maths the children have been learning all about money. We have looked at coins and notes and learned how to count them up and find totals. The children have also been problem solving and finding change.

In topic we have been looking at designing and replicating houses from 1666. After researching what houses looked like from that time we though about what we would need to make our own.  The children designed their houses and have thought of suitable materials that they can use to build them. I can’t wait until we start to construct our houses and have our very own model of Pudding Lane!

Becoming Thomas Farriner

After learning all about the bakery where the great fire of London had started, team four took on the role of a baker. They had to weigh and measure all the ingredients needed to make wheaten bread.

Once the bead had been baked in the oven, the children enjoyed eating it with jam and butter.

The Great fire of London workshop! 7-11-2017

Last week the freshwater theatre company came to our school to teach us all about the great fire of London.

The children were taken on a journey back in time to explore what London was like leading up to the great fire.

The children took on the role of people back in 1666 to recreate the busy streets of London. We had fruit sellers, fish sellers, children playing ring a ring a rosies, people working down in the harbor and much, much more.

After the children then recreated the oven in the bakery and learnt how the fire spread quickly across the city, until the streets of London were engulfed in fire.


After we acted out how the fire spread across the city, the children role played using fire hooks, water buckets, water squirts and gun powder to put the fire out.

Two of the children then took the role of Samuel Pepys and the Lord Mayor.

The children really enjoyed learning all about the great fire of London and gained a great understanding of just how busy, dirty and noisy London was in 1666.

Joy and the Songbirds


Today KS1 were extremely lucky and got to watch a performance from the Peoplescape Theatre Company! Before the play got started, the actors popped into classes to get ideas for parts of the play that would make it personal to us – how lucky are we? Then, we went to the hall to see the play. When we were in the hall, the children saw an amazing performance about Joy and her Grandpa. Joy loves music and throughout the play we all got to take part in soundscapes of all sorts of sounds we hear, including a birds song. We really enjoyed it!

Thank you Emily and your team at Peoplescape Theatre!